[:ja]吉永 司[:en]Yoshinaga, Tsukasa[:]


基礎工学研究科  機能創成専攻

[:ja]吉永 司[:en]Yoshinaga, Tsukasa[:] よしなが つかさ

出身:大阪大学基礎工学部 進路:大阪大学基礎工学研究科(特任助教)      



Q プログラムに応募した動機は?


Q 将来の夢・目標は?


Q プログラムの印象・感想は?


I enjoy talking with my peers and getting to know their different perspectives.

Q: What were your motivations for joining the program?

I decided to join the program after being introduced to one of the supervising professors. I felt it was excellent chance to challenge myself to be part of something new. As my main research theme, I have been working on joint research with the School of Dentistry, but I wanted to participate in research from another point of view.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

I am currently researching the physics of how sounds are generated when humans make consonant sounds. Going forward, I would like to carry out integrated research with biologists regarding the brain and nervous system to gain a more comprehensive understanding of why humans have the capability of speech.

Q: What are your impressions and thoughts about the program?

I really enjoy the discussions we have in class. It’s something that’s new to me, as we didn’t have much discussion in my Engineering Science classes. Students with information science or biology backgrounds tend to approach problems with a different viewpoint from mine, which throws me off a bit at times. Biologists have an especially different approach to research and thought process, and it shows I still have a lot to work to do in order to succeed in this program.[:]