[:ja]酒井 智史[:en]Sakai, Tomofumi[:]


生命機能研究科  生命機能専攻

[:ja]酒井 智史[:en]Sakai, Tomofumi[:] さかい ともふみ




Q プログラムに応募した動機は?


Q 将来の夢・目標は?


Q プログラムの印象・感想は?


This program is a place where I can grow.

Q: What were your motivations for joining the program?

I wanted to challenge myself, not only in the field of biosciences, but in other areas as well.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

I want to continue researching forever! I would like to join an academic institution where I can continue my research.

Q: What are your impressions and thoughts about the program?

In this program, members can get together and have lively discussions and exchanges of opinions. At the beginning of the program, we were given an opportunity to introduce our field of research to the other members. Often our conversations go in unexpected, even startling directions, and through these discussions I have become more and more interested in other participants’ viewpoints, as they differ from my own research. Recently, I have also participated in events involving discussion in English with international students. Such experiences are great chances to improve my communication skills.

I think this opportunity to notice and discover different things is one of the most appealing features of this program. It is exciting to think about how much I can learn and grow studying in such a stimulating environment, where one is constantly being exposed to people and ideas from different fields.[:]