Characteristics of the Program

    1. Engage in intensive interdisciplinary studies. Build your potential to become an innovation leader who can shift the direction of innovation with a new approach: humanware.
    2. Access expertise from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Engineering Science, and the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences. Develop your networking ability, and learn to acquire professional insights from other fields and apply them to your own field.
    3. Share innovation-creating mechanisms with world-leading companies and research institutes (CiNeT, QBiC). Gain skills of practical design, communication, and management.
    4. Work with other outstanding non-Japanese students recruited through overseas centers and research institutes. Become a global leader who will build bridges between Japan and the world and be active internationally.
    5. Develop advanced abilities to propose and implement plans for interdisciplinary studies, through two qualification examinations (Pre-QE, R-QE).
    6. Acquire the capacity to become a leader who can set their own agendas or challenges and solve them through collaboration, as evaluated through the Global Principal Investigator (GPI) examination.
    7. Access research opportunities in international research institutes outside the university, including internships (short- and long-term), summer camp, and research caravan.