Komori, Takahiro

Enrollments in 2014

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Bioinformatic Engineering Major

Komori, Takahiro

Graduate of Osaka University, School of Engineering

I want to demonstrate the advantages of incorporating advanced biological mechanisms into human-made systems.

Q: What was your motivation for joining the program?

I was particularly attracted by the program’s interdisciplinary approach to research. There are numerous opportunities to interact with researchers from other fields and develop an awareness of those fields’ approaches, insights, and needs. I would like to make the most of these opportunities by incorporating different approaches to find breakthroughs when I get stuck in my own research. I also want to develop new insights by applying knowledge from my own field to research in other fields.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

I hope to find effective ways to quantify and evaluate biological phenomena. I want to use the findings to demonstrate how living creatures are optimized for performance, and how much more well-refined their systems are than those devised by humans. In recent years there have been many attempts to learn from biosystems in order to improve the systems created by humans in contemporary society. For these moves to be successful, however, it is essential to compare the different systems using the same criteria, and demonstrate how biosystems could be applied in practice. I hope to address these challenges and work towards creating new systems, demonstrating the merits of those systems in a way that everyone can relate to.

Q: What about the program appeals to you?

One of the best things about this program is the degree of freedom. There are many activities such as interaction with researchers in other fields and internships. Students often have the opportunity to plan these activities and have input into how the program is run. In everything from meetings with students in other Leading Programs and special lectures by invited experts, through to the dissemination of information on the website, we students are given a surprising number of opportunities to share our own ideas and put them into practice. I think it is wonderful that rather than just creating an environment that facilitates our own studies, we can actually gain experience in formulating proposals, making plans, and implementing them to improve the program.