[:ja]佐々木 大[:en]Sasaki, Masaru[:]


生命機能研究科  生命機能専攻

[:ja]佐々木 大[:en]Sasaki, Masaru[:] ささき まさる

京都大学 工学部      



Q プログラムに応募した動機やプログラムの魅力は?


Q 自身の専門または得意分野は何で、プログラムでそれをどのように発展したい?


Q 将来の夢・目標は?


Looking beyond research and development

Q What was your motivation for joining the program, and what about the program appeals to you?

I applied for the program because I had an interest in interdisciplinary research. I came from outside Osaka University, so there are many stimulating new experiences, and much to be gained from interacting with people from diverse fields. The financial support is also very attractive.

Q What is your expertise and who do you want to develop it with the program?

I specialize in frontier biosciences, but because my undergraduate degree was in engineering, I am enrolled in the major in information science. Through the program, I hope to develop some kind of project that utilizes my own expertise.

Q What are your future dreams and goals?

I want to create things that are not only responsive to the needs and problems faced by different people, but also make people think, “that’s just the kind of thing I wanted!” when they see the products of my research and development. This is also what I want to achieve in this program.[:]