[:ja]Young Leadership Workshopを開催[:en]Young Leadership Workshop[:]

2017.11.6-8 大阪大学 吹田キャンパス 情報科学研究科C401

[:en]Young Leadership Workshop 2017 was held for HWIPstudents from Nov 6th to Nov 8th, 2017 (3 days). Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee, Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Program at the Faculty of Engineering & IT at the University of Sydney in Australia, was invited to deliver the workshop which is the third time followed by 2015 and 2016. He is responsible for subjects and programs on leadership and human factors at the University of Sydney, and also teaches online at UCLA Extension  subjects in leadership and the human element in the project management certification program.

Compared to the last two workshops, a lot of the content were rehashed with new content and delivered in a more interactive manner. The first day of the workshop began motivating and leading self, and so students can effectively manage their mind, health, and time. The self-management is a starting point to lead self, which becomes a seed of extension to others. In addition, Dr. Sakhaee kindly shared the booklet he wrote. The booklet provides a lot of useful information and contains humorous cartoons which make the booklet more readable and understandable.

In the second day, the workshop tackles the problems which research students face in real life. The topics covered on the day include effective communication, creativity & innovation in research, identifying research impact, and presenting their research to others. In particular, the second day lecture was delivered with interactive games uniquely developed by Dr. Sakhaee. The activities helped students understand such serious topics with a lot of fun and joy.

Last day of the workshop was designed to cover advanced topics: advanced communication and presentation skills. Different values, cultures, and personalities among people with different nationality were presented. Understanding the difference among people is an essential tool to improve communication skills. Also, students learnt leadership concepts and behaviours, which needs to be practiced to be a future leader.

During the whole workshop, students were well engaged to lectures and were able to practice various topics which are highly recommended but not easily accessible to them. Surely this workshop motivated students to be a better person, a better researcher, and a better leader in the future. Finally, we would like to thank to Dr. Sakhee for preparing such a wonderful workshop for our students, and also the elaborative work from Humanware office must be acknowledged.[:]