「Practical Machine Learning Workshop 2018」開講

2018.10.12~12.04 (全5日)  大阪大学 吹田キャンパス 情報科学研究科C401(イノベや)

The course of “Practical Machine Learning” was delivered last semester (http://www.suyongeum.com/ML), which covered various Machine Learning topics.

Considering the comments from the students, five Practical Machine Learning Workshops will be held this semester covering Machine Learning topics in more practical way.

Tiles: Practical Machine Learning Workshop 2018!
Location: C401
Time: See detail from the web site below:

Each workshop will cover two hours: 1 hour lecture + 1 hour hand-on practice.
The workshop DOES NOT provide “academic CREDIT”, and if you are interested in it pls feel free to join it!