[:ja]博士課程教育リーディングプログラム フォーラム2017[:en]Program for Leading Graduate Schools Forum 2017[:]

2017.10.20-21 名古屋マリオットアソシアホテル


詳しくはこちら >> http://www.leading.nagoya-u.ac.jp/LF2017/

会期: 平成29年10月20日(金)~21日(土)
開催場所: 名古屋マリオットアソシアホテル16階タワーズボールルーム 他
主催: 名古屋大学
後援: 日本経済団体連合会、中部経済連合会、中部経済同友会
企画・運営: 名古屋大学リーディングフォーラム2017 実行委員会[:en]The Leading Forum 2017 will be held in the last part of the fiscal year for all the programs that commenced with the inception of the Leading Program. During this forum, we would like to highlight the legacies from the respective programs and how they can endow future graduate students with prospective opportunities. In addition to showcasing the programs, the forum will display the outcome and skills that the students gained through their activities so that the industrial and commercial representatives will comprehend the value in hiring PhD professionals.

URL:  http://www.leading.nagoya-u.ac.jp/LF2017/

Date: Oct. 20-21 (Fri.-Sat.), 2017
Venue:  Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel
*Pre-forum discussions will be held by some students at the Higashiyama campus of Nagoya University in the afternoon of Thursday, October 19.

Hosted by Nagoya University
Supported by Japan Business Federation, Chubu Economic Federation, and Chubu Association of Corporate Executives
Organized by Nagoya University Executive Committee for Leading Forum 2017[:]