[:ja]新科目「Practical Machine Learning」開講[:en]Practical Machine Learning[:]

2018.04.13-07.27 大阪大学 吹田キャンパス 情報科学研究科C401

This course aims to cover a broad range of topics in Machine Learning with various examples that provide a firm grip on the topics. The topics covered by the course include: the principle of machine learning, various algorithms for classification and categorization, and theory that provides concrete understanding on the relevant topics.

Course Objectives

  • To grain a good grip on machine learning topics.
  • To understand various machine learning algorithms.
  • To apply the knowledge in a real life problem.

Teaching Methodology

Lectures will be given in English, and everything will be elaborated in detail step by step. You will have tutorial sessions to concrete your understanding on the subject.

Time:    10:30-12:00 on Friday
Venue:  IST building C401, Suita campus, Osaka Univ.

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