Special class held for HWIP students


topics20131003_3On September 3, a special seminar was held featuring Dr. Koji Hashimoto, an expert in cloud computing service development at the headquarters of Amazon.com in Seattle, U.S.A. Dr. Hashimoto graduated from Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering Science (now the Dependability Engineering lab in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology) before working in the private sector in Japan, completing graduate studies in the U.S., and gaining a position at Amazon.com. In the seminar, he spoke to HWIP students about working as an engineer in the global era, and about the evolution of cloud computing services.

Experiences at graduate school in the U.S.

 Dr. Hashimoto also talked about his experiences as a graduate student in the U.S., recalling how impressed he was by international students from other parts of Asia who “devoted every minute of the day to their studies,” and how U.S. universities “actively encourage students to change direction if they are poorly suited to their majors; a seemingly hardhearted approach, but one that actually helps students to make a new start.” He also provided real-life insights into the differences between the U.S. and Japan in terms of graduate job-hunting, explaining that in the U.S., both students and employers placed heavy emphasis on internships.


Achieving a paradigm shift

 The seminar then turned to focus on Amazon.com, with Dr. Hashimoto describing the different career paths of engineers and managers and the responsibility each team takes for its services. Teams are given a high degree of autonomy, and deal with other sections within Amazon in essentially the same way as they would deal with partners outside the firm. Dr. Hashimoto underlined the importance of collaboration and teamwork, saying that the key to achieving paradigm shifts is to have partners you can trust both within and beyond the organization in which you work.


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Koji Hashimoto, Amazon.com