Sharing insights from education and industry: Special lecture by Principal Researcher from Microsoft Research Asia



Jun’ichi Tsujii, Principal Researcher

Microsoft Research Asia

On July 3, HWIP students enjoyed a special lecture by, at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Principal Researcher Jun’ichi Tsujii, on the topic of “keys to a launching global career.” Dr. Tsujii has leadership experience at the cutting edge of both educational and industrial sectors, including positions at Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo, the University of Manchester, and now MSRA. Students attending the lecture listened with keen interest to Dr. Tsujii’s persuasive presentation.


Messages for the next generation of leaders

Dr. Tsujii began by saying: “Today, I will talk to you about what I should have done at various times in my career.” Starting with his time as a student, Tsujii looked back on his days as a researcher and educator and his experiences as the director of a busy private sector research institute, identifying the insights he gained and people he met along the way. One key message was woven throughout the presentation: “Take the initiative and jump straight in to a global environment. Maintain an international outlook as you learn.”


Forget the “global standard”: concentrate on your communication skills

Referring to his own experiences interacting with researchers from around the world and supervising international students, Dr. Tsujii asserted that “there is no such thing as a ‘global standard’—there is a diverse range of distinctive cultures, with people circulating among them.” He went on to suggest that “Japan is not perfect, but neither is it inferior to the West. You need to find a standpoint which you are comfortable with and develop a flexible approach to communication.” The lecture was followed by an extended Q&A session, during which Dr. Tsujii engaged with students on a wide variety of issues.