Short-term travel abroad 2020

All travel expenses subsidized by the program follow the rules set forth in the Policy on Subsidizing Domestic and Overseas Travel Expenses for Program Students. Please check the conditions stipulated in that policy first.

Travel covered by this application

    1. Travel shall be for a period of two weeks or less, including transit days, to an overseas destination. This year, considering the influence of the new corona virus, we will also accept application for expenses for the purpose of attending academic meetings (online participation) without traveling.
    2. The purpose of travel shall be to either visit a foreign company or institution or to participate in an academic conference or research forum.
    3. When the travel is to participate in an academic conference or research forum, HWIP students are required to give a presentation at the conference/forum.
    4. There is a limit to the number of applications.
      ○ Support for participation fees for academic meetings without travel expenses (participation in online)  : Up to 3 times
      ○ Support for expenses of traveling to either visit a research institution or to participate in academic meetings (participation fees ∔ travel expenses ) : Only 1 time
      ※Support of exceeding the above limits, such as 4th or more online participation, online participation (1 to 3 times) and travel, 2nd travel will be considered depending on the budget situation after autumn.
    5. Applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the day of travel.
      If you plan to participate in online, you do not need to enter the period of travel, round-trip airfare for expenses, visa application, air ticket arrangements, overseas travel insurance enrollment procedure, itinerary, and confirmation items.

* This short-term travel grants system may be suspended midway through an academic year. Notice of such suspension will be provided in advance.

Conditions for approved travel

  1. Expenses incurred for travel and for participation (registration fees) will be covered within the approved limits (In principle, The maximum amount is 300,000 yen.), however, cellular phone, Wi Fi Rental and annual membership fees will not be supported by HWIP. Conference participation fee will be supported separately by actual cost.
  2. Enrollment in an overseas travel accident insurance policy designated by the Program is mandatory. The cost of enrollment in the insurance policy will be paid by the Program. Please make the payment in advance, we will refund you afterwards. At least one week before departure, you must submit an original transfer statement .
  3. You’re required to be registered to use OSSMA (Overseas Students Safety Management Assistance) service provided by the company named Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ). OSSMA is not an insurance but a service which assists you 24-hour/365-day in case you are introuble, and so it keeps the loss to a minimum. The registration fee will be paid by HWIP.
  4. At least one week before departure, you must submit the attached written pledge, copy of passport (only required if receiving the grant for the first time).
    ※If you do not complete insurance enrollment (i.e., payment of premium), submission of the written pledge, passport copy, and documents required for processing travel costs, and related procedures at least one week before departure, or in cases where major issues related to safety may exist, permission to travel may be revoked. (In such cases, travel expenses cannot be covered by the Program.)
  5. Before departure, you must provide to your laboratory an emergency contact (family member, etc.) and an e-mail address that you can be reached at while traveling. You must also obtain multiple emergency contacts for the laboratory (cell phone numbers of faculty members, etc.) before departure.
  6. Within one month after the conclusion of travel, you must submit a one-page (A4) report using the specified form, in either English or Japanese. The report must include details such as personal achievements and effects on future activities, as well as any other information useful for other students.

*The content of these reports may be made available to students and the general public on the Program website or by other means.


 <Responsibilities in case of accidents during travel>

We take the utmost care to provide a safe environment for fruitful research for students during their travels. However, please be aware that Osaka University and the Humanware Innovation Program cannot be held liable for damages incurred by natural disasters and unavoidable accidents, or by accidents caused through intentional acts or carelessness on the part of participants, including loss of personal effects. In addition, Osaka University and the Humanware Innovation Program cannot be held liable for accidents that occur during unsupervised travel and activities. Enrollment in comprehensive overseas travel accident insurance is mandatory as a preventive measure for unexpected accidents during travel. Liability for accidents involving aircraft shall be handled in accordance with established bilateral air transport agreements.

○ The origin of travel shall be the location of your laboratory (Suita Campus or Toyonaka Campus).

○ Within one week of the conclusion of travel, you must submit a travel report and evidence of travel (e.g., round-trip airfare receipt) to the HWIP office. (Forms will be sent from the office at a later date)


<Flowchart of procedures for overseas short-term travel>

Please refer to the following flowchart and download the documents you need.

Where to submit:

HW office ( ,   n = n期生)


【申請時書類】      Application form 2020(word)          Sample(English guide)

 *Plans and fees of JI Accident & Fire insurance   pdf 

【誓約書】   (When traveling)    Pledge(word)

You can download the procedure flow as pdf .