Zhu Ruiyun

Enrollments in 2019

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Computer Science Major

Zhu Ruiyun

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Science and technology are primary productive forces

Q What was your motivation for joining the program, and what about the program appeals to you?

I saw the promotional video of Humanware program by chance. In that video, seniors in this program shared their experience and advice. One important point caught my attention is that they have many chances to communicate and collaborate with other people who may belong to other fields such like life sciences and engineering science. That is really attractive be-cause I think inter-discipline knowledge can not only open my eyes but also give me inspira-tion for my research. That is the main reason for me to join this program.

Q What is your expertise and how do you want to develop it with the program?

I was doing research on 3D-data visualization, one of the computer vision technologies. Con-cretely, the technology is used to form a 2D image which is the projection of the volume da-ta. However, 3D volume data is always too large to generate an image rapidly enough. My study is to accelerate such processing with a parallel method. In HW program, I want to ap-ply this visualization technology to other fields research. Therefore, I’d like to develop the technology by collaborating with different fields researchers. I think it is exciting that com-bine different technologies and create something interesting.

Q What are your future dreams and goals?

As we know, vision plays an important role in our life. People’s life became more and more convenient as computer vision technology has improved in past years. I hope my research on computer vision can make people’s life better in the future. After graduation, I’d like to get a job in a research institute or university and continue my research.