Taniguchi, Dai

Enrollments in 2019

Graduate School of Engineering Science
Systems Innovation Major

Taniguchi, Dai

School of Engineering Science, Osaka University

I want to elucidate the human cognitive mechanism and give mysterious experiences.

Q What was your motivation for joining the program, and what about the program appeals to you?

I applied for gaining knowledge of different fields, doing my own research with a new perspective from different fields, and getting stimulation from highly motivated members. The best attraction of the program I think is that you can have a research community in addition to your laboratory. Curiously, it is possible to talk to members of Humanware that it is difficult to talk in the laboratory.

Q What is your expertise and how do you want to develop it with the program?

I am studying on communication media combining robots and movies, from the motivation to understand human cognitive mechanism and give mysterious experiences to humans. In relation to that, we are currently participating in the “Android Kannon” project where a robot conveys Buddhism. In this program, by using the microscopic viewpoints of life sciences and the complex models of information sciences, we would like to elucidate the cognitive mechanism of human from multi-faceted viewpoints and develop devices that give mysterious experiences.

Q What are your future dreams and goals?

It’s abstract, but My dream is about making an interesting career of myself and becoming an entity that influences the people around you.
I want to be a researcher, an engineer, moreover artist now.