Nakanishi, Junya

Enrollments in 2013

Graduate School of Engineering Science
Systems Innovation Major

Nakanishi, Junya

Graduate of Osaka University, School of Engineering Science

I am happy to join a program that provides both academic and financial support.

Q: What were your motivations for joining the program?

The goals of the program are unique, and I have been interested in it since my undergraduate days. Actually, I was unsure if I should finish my academic career upon getting a master’s degree, or if I should continue into a doctoral program. One of the main draws that led me into joining this program was that I could receive financial assistance while continuing my research.

Q: Do you intend on becoming a full-time researcher?

Yes. My goal is to break ground in untouched, as-of-yet unknown fields of research. I hope one day my achievements will be significant and be appreciated by many people.

Q: What about the program appeals to you?

I really appreciate the comprehensive academic and financial support the program provides. I feel like I am getting a first-class education. While it is still my first semester and I am looking towards the future with a mixture of hope and uncertainty, I know my work with others in this program will break new ground and open new avenues of research.