Motoya, Kohei

Enrollments in 2014

Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
Frontier Bioscience Major

Motoya, Kohei

Graduate of Osaka University, School of Engineering Science

I appreciate the opportunities to acquire knowledge from other fields in a structured way.

Q: What was your motivation for joining the program?

In the research in my lab (optical neuroscience), we can often apply knowledge from other fields such as information science. I applied for this program in the hope that I could interact with and learn from researchers and students from other fields.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

I hope to be able to use what I learn in this program to pursue research that involves methods and researchers from multiple fields.

Q: What about the program appeals to you?

I think that the regular opportunities to interact with researchers and students in other fields and will prove very valuable for my own learning and research. Another extremely important factor for me is the opportunity for structured study of knowledge from other fields.