Lu, Yuechao

Enrollments in 2015

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Computer Science Major

Lu, Yuechao

Graduate of Graduate school of Tongji University, Vehicle Engineering

HW provides me channels of communication with professionals with different research background.

Q: What was your motivation for joining the program?

Osaka University provides several different Leading Ph.D Program and among which, Humanware(HW) Ph.D program marks out from its relentless pursuit of innovation and emphasis on the inter-discipline research including Information System, Software and Cognitive Science. Accordingly, Humanware Ph.D program is my first choice because it matches my research interests on supercomputing in biomedical imaging and bioinformatics most, also it provides channels of communication with professionals with different research background.

Q: What about the program appeals to you?

Humanware Innovation Program provides a full package including financial support, mentorship system, lab rotation mechanism etc., which are undoubtedly indispensable to proceed with and verify hypothesis of research project. For instance, lab rotation contributes to the environment of cutting-edge research in bioinformatics or computer vision for robotics. By working with professionals from brain science, horizon in research frontier of brain science will be broadened. With the advice from mentor, research can move forward more smoothly and efficiently. By joining in Humamware Innovaton Program, I could contribute to the development of interdisciplinary search and I believe this program fits in my research purpose most.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

The ultimate goal of knowledge and skills are not just for personal interest, but also make contribution to safer and more convenient living environment for human beings. By the time of completing this program, I hope I could have a good master of corresponding methodologies and approaches for leading research and could conduct independent projects in novel interdisciplinary field.