Yang, Jian

Enrollments in 2014

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Information and Physical Sciences Major

Yang, Jian

Graduate of Dalian University of Technology

I want to find out how our world can be transformed by information technology.

Q: What was your motivation for joining the program?

When I looked at the content of the program, I was very interested by the curriculum and the range of activities on offer. I hope to become a researcher capable of managing knowledge in both bioscience and information science, so I thought this program would be an ideal way of learning how to pursue joint research with collaborators from different fields.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

I want to find out how much our world can be transformed by information technology. In more concrete terms, I want to find a way to make predictions about the future of the environment using mathematical models, and contribute to meaningful research that will amend the environmental degradation that currently exists in China.

Q: What about the program appeals to you?

The opportunities to interact with other people are very appealing. I can expand my horizons by attending lectures given by experts in other fields, and get ideas for new research through discussion with other students.