Arimoto, Tsunehiro

Enrollments in 2013

Graduate School of Engineering Science
Systems Innovation Major

Arimoto, Tsunehiro

Graduate: Graduate of Osaka University, School of Engineering Science Course: NTT (R&D)

I want to contribute to the advancement of human communication.

Q: What were your motivations for joining the program?

For my doctoral studies, in addition to focused, specialized research, I want to become more adaptable and acquire wide-ranging views. In this program, research in areas such as cognition, biological systems, and information come together, providing opportunities for me to see things in new ways. I joined the program because I wanted to gain the skills necessary for tackling problems that would be difficult to solve with just specialized knowledge in one field.

Q: What are your future dreams and goals?

Currently, my research concerns communicating with individuals in remote locations by using robots. I feel this kind of research will grow in scope over time. While gaining a deeper understanding of the essence of humanity through my research, I want to establish new forms of media and contribute to the promotion of communication between people.

Q: What are your impressions and thoughts about the program?

As part of the program, I was able to interview representatives from various companies. Through these very interesting conversations, I was able to learn about their respective philosophies about their work and gain insights into how innovation occurs. It was a fascinating experience for me, and I feel the information I gained will assist me down the road in my own development work.