Takamasa Hamamoto

Enrollments in 2018

Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences
Frontier Bioscience Major

Takamasa Hamamoto

Faculty of Engineering, Kagoshima University

More convenient society with brain information

Q What was your motivation for joining the program, and what about the program appeals to you?

The reason why I applied for this program is because I think that I could deeply study the field of BMI that I am interested in.In order to deeply study in this field, not only neuroscience (my expertise) but a wide range of knowledge such as mechanical engineering / information science, statistics and machine learning etc, will be necessary. So I want to interact with other students from different fields so that I can apply knowledge gained through the exchanges to my research for BMI.

Q What is your expertise and who do you want to develop it with the program?

I was studying a BMI system which identifies letters subjects are paying attention to by using EEG for my undergraduate study. Now I am working on Decoded Neurofeedback, a technology that supports learning using feedback of brain activity states to subjects. Such technology can be potentially applied to therapies for depression. In this program, I would like to create BMI systems by combining human brain information with skills and technologies from other fields that I learned through interactions with other students.

Q What are your future dreams and goals?

I am very passionate about the BMI technology and I hope that more BMI related technologies and products will be born in the future. Therefore, my goal is to contribute to the development of this field by studying BMI, to create a society in which more convenient and wonderful technologies and products can be developed.