Young Research Leader’s Workshop

9 -11 May 2016 C401 HWIP, Suita campus, Osaka University

act20160509-1Young Research Leader’s Workshop was held for the HWIP students from 9th to 11th  May (3 days), which is the second workshop from the last year on the topic of leadership. The workshop aims at developing the leadership skills of young researchers, and so they can conduct their research in more effective and creative manner, and gain confidence in communicating with others, especially those in the other disciplines and when conducting interdisciplinary research.  Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee, Director of the Undergraduate Leadership Program at the Faculty of Engineering & IT at the University of Sydney in Australia, was invited to deliver the workshop. He directs and teaches subjects and programs on leadership and human factors at the University of Sydney, and also teaches an online course in leadership in project management certification at UCLA Extension.

act20160509-3The first two days of the workshop covered the topics similar to last year which involved mindset and attitudes of the heart that shape character and personality, management of stress and time, unlocking your motivation, communication skills and so on.  Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee also instructed individual students on how to present academic research works to people without a technical background or expertise in their particular research areas. It was impressive that knowing oneself (self-awareness), especially understanding oneself without any judgement, followed by knowing and understanding the society we belong (social-awareness) is a key to succeed in the management of oneself (self-management) and relationships (relationship-management).

act20160509-2The last day of the workshop focused on interactive discussion between students and the instructor regarding cultural differences in communication and various topics drawing from example scenarios and interviews with experts and research. This 3-day workshop provided students with clear strategies to handle various challenges in daily life and to gain a better understanding of leadership roles in the society. Furthermore, students could practice English during the workshop, which was a valuable experience for them.