Young Research Leader’s Workshop

2015.9.29-30 Osaka Univ. Suita Campus

Essential mentality for leaders
~Young Research Leader’s Workshop by a lecturer from the University of Sydney~

Young Research Leader’s Workshop for the HWIP students was held over 2 days on the 29th act150929-1and 30th of September by Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee invited from Australia.
This workshop is aimed at developing the leadership skills of young researchers to work more effectively and creatively and communicate more confidently with others especially those outside their own research field.
Dr. Sakhaee is an expert for directing programs in project management and leadership education at the University of Sydney in Australia. Dr Sakhaee also teaching online leadership in project management at UCLA Extension. This time, Dr. Sakhaee organized a special workshop for the HWIP that compacted the important and relevant elements of the full course taught at the University of Sydney and UCLA Extension into two days. Most of the lectures were given on an interactive basis by Dr.Sakhaee.
Questions posed from him were extremely simple which are originated with very familiar events for us. Then we found out some important elements, for example, attitude of the heart, stress management, time and work management, how to unlock your motivation, communication techniques and so on, in order to live in human society by investigating thoroughly on the 1st day of the workshop. Moreover, in-depth speculation about creativity and innovation was developed by dealing with actual cases on the 2nd day.

DIMGP5342iscussion topics were always specific, and we could learn a lot of practical tips that we can practice right away in our daily life. The lecture and all discussions were carried out in English over 2 days, and it was an extremely exciting and fruitful workshop. All of the humorous handwritten illustrations on the PowerPoint slides used for the workshop were drawn by Dr. Sakhaee himself. We were absolutely impressed with his humane breadth and versatility throughout 2 days.