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【2019.12.6(Fri)】Program briefing session will be held

Information for selection of students who will be the 9th graduating class (class of FY2021) is published.

(日本語) ヒューマンウェアシンポジウム2020(HWアウトリーチ2020)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

Program briefing session will be held

Program briefing session will be held for the student who is considering going to graduate school next spring.

briefing session will be held online  and  face-to-face  at the same time this year

Date:    14th, Dec, 2020,      12:15~13:15

  • Offline (face-to-face) :  (Suita campus)  Graduate School of Information Science and Technology  building -C   room-C401
  • Online (zoom) :
    If you would like to participate online, please contact the program office(info-hw[at] We will tell you the connection information. (Please change [at] to @)

Please refer to each page for details on recruitment for FY2021.
Admission Policies
Application Guidebook (Japanese verison only)

Humanware Symposium 2020

The “Humanware Symposium 2020”, led by students of the Humanware Innovation Program, will be held online on November 13th.

This event, Humanware Symposium 2020, embraces not only students from the department of interdisciplinary studies but other college students, companies that have been supportive of us, and the general public as well.

Considering the fact that you might not be able to attend this meeting in person due to the ongoing pandemic, we strongly encourage and sincerely welcome you to join our online virtual room on zoom if you would like to do so.



Program overview

November 13th (Friday) 13:00 – 16:30 Online via Zoom (Reservation required)

13:00~13:10 Opening

13:10~14:00 Tutorial

「Let’s do interdisciplinary studies!」

Lecturer: Kazufumi Hosoda (Ph.D.): Associate professor, Osaka University

14:00~14:10 Break

14:10~15:25 Announcement of interdisciplinary studies Results

15:25~15:30 Lecturer’s comment

15:30~15:40 Break

15:40~16:10 Announcement of interdisciplinary studies theme proposal

16:10~16:30 Closing

※  Online social gathering is planned after the symposium

Tutorial overview

「Let’s do interdisciplinary studies!」

Lecturer: Kazufumi Hosoda (Ph.D.): Associate professor, Osaka University

Professor Hosoda will share his joyful research experiences and talk about the some fun facts of interdisciplinary researches. Interestingly, Professor Hosoda will also give us some of his insights on how we are supposed to conduct relevant researches under the influence of the pandemic of Covid-19.

Announcement of interdisciplinary studies Results

  • “Development of Agricultural Robot Based on Elucidation of Excavation Movement Mechanism of Beetle Larvae”
    Representative: Haruhiko Adachi (5th member) Speaker: Haruhiko Adachi (5th member), Makoto Ozawa (5th member), Satoshi Yagi (5th member), Toshiaki Kishida (5th member), Makoto Seita (5th member)
  • “Exploration of ergonomic visual and tactile presentation that enables smooth sensorimotor learning for beginners of musical instruments”
    Speaker: Hiroki Fukunaga (5th member), Presentation: Shinjiro Mita (4th member)
  • “Recognizing Obstacles via Smartphone Active Sound Sensing”:
    Representative / Speaker: Thirina Dissanayake (6th member)
  • “Study on Human-Robot Interaction through hugs (tentative)”
    Representative: Naoya Yoshimura (6th member) (Presenter undecided)
  • “Proposal of Synergy Automatic Acquisition Platform for Realizing Minority Parameter Control in Multi-Finger Hands”
    Representative / Speaker: Kazuki Higashi (6th member)

Target Groups

Students, regardless of majors and universities, faculty members, companies, and the general public can all participate.


Please fill out the registration form below if you would like to join this event.
A Zoom link will be sent to your contact address provided in the registration form.

Application form

Humanware students click here

●Others click  here

※ Registration Deadline : Nov. 06(Fri)


If you have any questions, please reach out to the following addresses.