Support Systems

We have put in place a variety of support systems to help program HWIP grow by boosting their motivation and curiosity and providing them with new experiences.

Mentor System

Our Specially Appointed Professors offer ongoing, individualized support regarding students’ daily classes as well as their research specializations and interdisciplinary research. We also employ a Mentor System in which students receive mentoring from other university faculty members in both their own specializations and other fields, as well as external program coordinators from partner companies and organizations. These mentors offer individual advice and provide guidance on other fields.

At present, each program student is assigned three mentors: a personal faculty supervisor (an expert in their field of study), a university faculty member in another graduate school (an expert in another field of study), and a supervisor from a partner company or organization (an industry specialist). Instead of offering general suggestions, the mentors provide personally tailored advice which is certain to prove useful for planning one’s research and career path.

English Training Program

On this program, we offer special English classes taught by native speaking adjunct instructors. The classes are tailored to students’ English proficiency level.

Research Subsidies

In addition to individual-level support such as stipends, we also offer research subsidies for approved research in a student’s specialization or for interdisciplinary research. Students must undergo a screening to receive research subsidies, but we believe that the process of overcoming this hurdle is beneficial to the students.

Training Expense Subsidies

We encourage HWIP students to take advantage of a wide range of experiences, including participation in domestic and overseas training programs and short or long-term internships. Therefore, with an eye on cultivating leaders who can succeed in the global arena, we offer training expense subsidies for these kinds of programs and for other approved domestic and international training programs.

Student Event Subsidies

In addition to program classes, we organize various events and workshops for the students, but we also encourage students to undertake their own initiatives since we believe this improves motivation and planning skills. For these kinds of activities, we offer student event subsidies.