Financial Aid

Outline of the financial aid program

To enable students of the Humanware Innovation Program to concentrate fully on their studies, Osaka University provides scholarships equivalent to the DC fellowships offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The scholarships, which take the form of grants with no repayment obligations, are offered to applicants who pass the necessary screenings.



Monthly stipend of 100,000 yen (prior to passing the Pre-QE)

Monthly stipend of 200,000 yen (after passing the Pre-QE)

*Students take the Pre-QE (Preliminary Qualifying Examination) in December of their first year of study.

* Scholarships are considered income for taxation purposes.

* Funding for this scholarship under the government’s Grants for Creating Research and Education Bases (Leading Programs in Doctoral Education) system is expected to be discontinued in March, 2019.


Stipend application

Stipends are awarded on a single-year basis. Students must apply in the specified period each academic year using the stipend application provided separately.

All students must submit a Statement of stipend each academic year to confirm whether or not they intend to apply for the stipend, even in the event that they do not intend to do so.



There are several other scholarships and stipends which cannot be received concurrently with this scholarship. Applicants will not be eligible if any of the following apply:

  1. Selected as a fellow (DC) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
  2. Receiving a scholarship or loan from the Japan Student Services Organization
  3. Receiving a scholarship from the Japanese government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) as a government-sponsored foreign student
  4. Receiving a scholarship from one’s home country
  5. Receiving a scholarship from Osaka University
  6. Receiving any remuneration (including from a part-time job) during the scholarship payment period. As an exception, however, it is still possible to receive the scholarship if working up to a maximum total of 5 hours per week in the following occupations:
    1. TA or RA essential for education/research in the Humanware Innovation Program
    2. Engagement by a person qualified as a doctor, dentist, or nurse in medical care at a hospital affiliated with a research institution, where such engagement is essential for education/research
    3. Part-time teaching at a higher education institution (university, junior college, or higher college of technology)
    4. Support work for an academic conference related to the student’s own research (once-off events only; not permitted if the work comprises simple tasks of the type undertaken by a part-time undergraduate student)
    5. TA like research task activities at high school including  super science high school

However, eligibility for the scholarship will not be affected by access to programs for admission fee waiver, tuition waiver, tuition payment due date extension and payment of tuition in installments. (For details of these programs, please contact the Suita Student Center, Student Affairs Division: 06-6879-7088.)


Determination of stipend recipients

Following an impartial screening, applicants will be notified if successful.


Publication of recipients’ names

A list of the names of applicants selected to receive the stipend will be posted on the website.


Termination of stipend payments

Payments will be terminated in the event that a recipient is no longer eligible for the stipend. Payments may also be terminated pursuant to an evaluation of a recipient’s academic grades or study record in the Humanware Innovation Program and/or the Graduate School and course in which they are enrolled.


Payment of income tax, resident’s tax, social insurance premiums, etc.

Stipend payments are considered assessable income, and are subject to income tax and resident’s tax. Recipients are also required to enroll in the national health insurance and pension schemes.