Thomás Rodrigues Crespo

Enrollments in 2017

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Bioinformatic Engineering Major

Thomás Rodrigues Crespo

[ Federal University of Sao Carlos, Engineering Physics ]

The connection of highly motivated and knowledgeable people is what we need to move the world towards an efficient and sustainable development.

Q What was your motivation for joining the program, and what about the program appeals to you?

Due to the present high volume of technological development knowledge specification is a tendency. However, as a consequence of development without global knowledge, complex environmental and societal problems started to emerge, with solutions that require increasing integration of multiples fields.
With this said, the proposal of forming capable professionals to lead teams of specialists towards multidisciplinary solutions is what appealed to me since I first heard about the Humanware program.

Q What is your expertise and who do you want to develop it with the program?

My present research is within the field of computational neuroscience, with focus on the understanding of how random activity in neural networks – ubiquitous phenomena in biological neural systems – allow faster, robust, and energy efficient computation.
Specifically, by researching synaptic noise – the main source of randomness in biological neural networks – I want to understand how its control can benefit the total functioning of the network.
By working with experimental researchers from electronics or robotics I’d like to research how this type of noise based computation could be applied to computational devices, employing, for example, circuits sensible to electronic fluctuations, or even leveraging the random behavior from quantum computers.
Further, working with neuroscience specialists, I’d like to learn how to use those computational devices in brain-machine technologies for brain enhancement.

Q What are your future dreams and goals?

I want to combine the specific knowledge provided by my graduate research with the multidisciplinary and leading characteristics from the Humanware program to help stablish a unified neuroscience research field in Brazil, from theoretical to technological, basic sciences and engineering to human sciences, thus developing its research volume and quality, and making it a more active country in the global discussions related to the field.